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About Social Purpose Works

Engaging pro bono help to advance nonprofit missions

Volunteerism is key to a nonprofit’s ability to deliver on its mission. What’s unique about Social Purpose Works (SPW) is the intentional focus on using professionally skilled volunteers (pro bono) to tackle capacity building projects.

Building a Legacy

Realizing that the biggest generation is moving toward retirement or pivoting to new careers, MFS started Social Purpose Works to harness this incredible human resource; a generation (baby boomers) that wants to use their professional skills on small, short term projects and make a difference. They are living longer, many with healthy lifestyles and professionally skilled volunteerism gives them an additional way to have the impact they desire and live a legacy now.

The Encore Movement

Social Purpose Works is a resource for Portland’s nonprofits to engage these boomers in capacity projects through recruiting, matching and placement services.  These projects are short term (20-500 hours) and complement the Encore Fellows program administered by Social Venture Partners (SVP) here in Portland. Encore Fellows are also professionally skilled citizens but their commitment is to a 750-1000 hour project and they are paid a stipend; additionally, they can only tackle a single project then they exit the program. SPW and SVP are both offerings in the encore movement specializing in the full spectrum of second acts for the greater good. Professionally skilled volunteers can find their niche in either of these programs.



Matching Talent

Social Purpose Works staff have extensive first-hand experience in this talent procurement. With a combination of high touch services and technology, a capacity building project can be matched with a pro bono professional at a cost substantially lower than a professional consultant engagement

Moving Missions Forward

Social Purpose Works is the latest innovative program offering of Metropolitan Family Service (MFS), a Portland social service agency since 1950. MFS is proud to provide this service and energize the role of volunteerism to meet the changing expectations of what it means to volunteer and have an impact. Social Purpose Works is ready to help registered, tax exempt nonprofits and professionally skilled volunteers find each other and move missions forward.  




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