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Become a Pro Bono Professional

Giving back to your community by applying your professional skills can create lasting impact. There are many benefits to contributing your time and expertise to a nonprofit project. It’s also well researched and reported that staying connected to a “purpose” can have improved health and social benefits along with that feeling of satisfaction of a job well done. Check out the FAQ to learn more about becoming a Pro Bono Professional.

What is Social Purpose Works (SPW)?  

Most likely, you honed your professional expertise during years on the job…you’re good at what you do! Social Purpose Works can help you apply your investment in yourself by combining elements of work, service and social impact for the greater good. Projects to build the operating capacity of nonprofits come in all disciplines—marketing, finance, technology, human resources, strategic planning and many more. Contribute your expertise to vetted projects of varying lengths that match your experience, interests, availability and location. If you’re not quite ready to retire, nonprofits can provide a possible second career—Social Purpose Works will help you test drive the idea. SPW will help you to identify a project that fits your skills and interests. Register with Social Purpose Works to become a Pro Bono (volunteer) Professional!

Features Benefits
Right-size Projects Explore and find the right project for your time, skills and interests.
Online Application From the comfort of your own home, complete your interests, skills & availability profile.
Personal Interviews Meet with local nonprofits and discover a match of skills to needs.
Work Anywhere If location matters, select a project close to home, including some that allow you to work from home.
Negotiated Work Hours and Days Tailor the work experience for maximum flexibility.
Staying Relevant Continue to build your skills and learn new ones.
Short Term High Impact Most projects are less than 100 hours.


It’s easy to get started:

  1. BrowseBrowse projects ranging from a few hours to up to 500 hours.

  2. Join the CommunityRegister with SPW and create your profile. Once you complete your profile, you're set to express interest in an SPW project.

  3. One-time Orientation — Read our orientation material (provided after you register). You'll find helpful information about volunteering in a nonprofit assignment, a Cultural Humility primer, and a growing, curated online library with diversity, equity and inclusion resources.

  4. Interview — All placements require a one-time initial interview with SPW via phone call or virtual meeting to determine a fit for this type of skill-based volunteerism.  If selected as a candidate, your profile will be sent to the nonprofit and you'll have the opportunity to interview with them. SPW sends between 1-4 candidates per project to the nonprofit for consideration.

  5. Match — Based on the outcome of the interviews, a match can be made if you and the nonprofit host are in agreement. Once a match is made, you’ll create your project plan and get down to business.

What do I need to know about nonprofits?

If you register with Social Purpose Works, we will provide orientation material that will help you determine whether or not a nonprofit project is a good fit for you (especially if you come from a corporate or business background), lead you through the matching process, and provide tips for working with nonprofits.

To learn even more about the impact of volunteering with Social Purpose Works, check out our podcast below:





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