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Here's just a sample of projects that have been completed by SPW pro bono professionals.



"Coming out of the pandemic and a period of transition and growth, our organization needed a new strategic plan to bring focus and direction to our team. Our pro bono professional Jim worked with the organization to develop a strategic plan that moved beyond an operation plan. We really appreciated the opportunity to work with Jim. In addition to working with us on the strategic plan, there have been many other added benefits along the way including serving as a thought leader. He was very supportive and committed to working with us until we had a finished project. Now that the plan has been approved, Jim has offered to continue to work with our organization to develop work plans, reporting and evaluation tools, and help with other leadership development. Connecting us to our pro bono professional has paved the way to a long-term volunteer for the organization- so grateful! We have partnered with Social Purpose Works on several projects now. We highly recommend this program. It's been so beneficial for our organization."  Amber Kern Johnson, ED

"For my first experience with this service, I was greatly pleased with how it evolved. We worked at a good pace for each of us. CFPA was open to my approach which was a blessing. The ED is in great demand at her job. She is a great leader whom I admire. SPW did a great job in matching my skills with CFPA's needs. I could not have asked for a better situation." Jim, SPW Pro Bono Professional


"It couldn't have been any better! We've discovered an amazing resource in our pro bono professional! We received tangible deliverables: a board manual, recommendations, a framework for our fledgling board to follow, and implementation support. We've since hired him to assist us in writing a business plan. He's become a trusted advisor...what a great asset! I told him yesterday that I am eternally grateful to SPW for introducing us! I so enjoyed working with both Monica and our pro bono professional. Thank you so much!"  Kate Bodin, ED


Grow Portland

"Our pro bono professional supported the staff & board in developing an updated mission, values & goals for the organization. These provide us with a much clearer direction as we move forward as an organization. She conducted key partner interviews that provided additional depth to the conversation. Grow Portland had never gone through this process in its history so having the outside support was incredibly appreciated."  Michelle Welton, ED, Grow Portland


"This was a dream project! Thank you so much for making it possible. Our pro bono professional was able to articulate the mission and impact of our organization in a way that we were unable to. She created a style that truly aligns with and reflects our unique and special community. Our work together has helped us clarify and articulate the work we do. She offered to make the project presentation to our Board of Directors. I was thrilled that she was able to include some details that were important to the board such as cost effectiveness, accessibility and ease of use.

"The style guide will make IVCanDO's communications and marketing uniform. It is an incredibly approachable guide that all current and future staff will be able to easily utilize. It is connected with our design program so that implementing the new look and feel is seamless. We have already used elements from this project!"  Lindsey B. Jones, ED


Steps for Youth

"Our pro bono professional immediately hit the ground running by familiarizing herself with our organization's background, read through grants and asked us detailed questions about our needs regarding financial tracking, grant reports, budgets, etc. She ultimately helped us build an organizational budget template that reflected our needs and she walked us through "how to's" of editing, tracking, and balancing. This along with all the other work she helped us with regarding financial tracking, Quickbooks support, etc, has saved us a ton of time and effort as we apply for grants and submit reports. Her work has overall made our lives so much easier!'  Monica Parra, Steps for Youth


"Our pro bono professional was AWESOME! She's really captured the idea of what we wanted to accomplish. This project gives us a stronger story to tell and a better sense of connection to the broader community. It was a great experience and we would definitely use Social Purpose Works on future projects and ABSOLUTELY recommend other organizations use this service!"


"Our pro bono professional was very engaged and encouraging throughout the process. The entire experience was incredibly positive - we are truly grateful for this opportunity!" Kirsten Rantz, Easterseals Oregon

"Our pro bono professional has been great to work with and SC SVDP is in a better place because of his efforts. It helped immensely to travel with a knowledgeable "partner" on this grant path. He was very helpful in writing application components, suggesting sources of funding, and was very good at thinking outside the box and expanding the SC SVDP lens. He increased our knowledge of grant writing and also left us with boilerplate components to use in the future. I couldn’t have gotten where we are - receiving enough funds to complete our ADA Access Project - without his assistance and guidance."  Cathy Perkins, President, St. Charles Conference, St. Vincent de Paul










The Freshwater Trust

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