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Sample Project:  Performance Measurement


Name of Organization:  Portland Nonprofit

Tell us about your organization:  We are a medium sized nonprofit with a mission to raise awareness of the environment and the actions individuals and corporations can take to reduce their footprint on this earth.

Project Title: Performance Measurement

Time commitment: Medium project, estimated hours between 70 - 110, to be completed within 4 months of start date. Flexible hours.

Work Environment/Location: ~ 50% of time at nonprofit location (address), 50% from home.

Project Description: Our nonprofit is seeking to measure our impact beyond just the traditional measures of clients served. We are seeking someone who can facilitate a process to identify the critical metrics and information that will define the impact of delivering our mission. This information will help our organization to gain focus, and will provide a stronger position when applying for funding and grants.

Key Deliverables:

  • Engage our leadership team in a discussion session to identify the lasting impact or major changes that will occur as we deliver on our mission.
  • Propose a limited set of metrics that will capture and measure the impact.
  • Develop and document a method and frequency to collect the data needed.
  • Create a communication presentation/package that can be used by the leadership team to introduce the performance metrics to the board, staff, etc.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required: Facilitation skills, knowledge of performance measurement, strong written and verbal communication skills.

Education/Experience: At least 5 years of experience with strategy and business planning.

Resources: Access to our business plan and the leadership team individually and as a staff will be provided. Desk space and a PC will be provided when working onsite.

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